logo ansur Ansur Solutions, efficient image and voice communication.


logo arboribus Arboribus, direct investment platform.


Logo Arkenova Arkenova Energy Solutions, energy efficiency and renewable energy engineering.


logo bit4id Bit4id Ibérica, digital identity and electronic signature.


Logo Captae Captae, 3D digitisation services.

logo certia Certia, Business Intelligence solutions, development of application life management applications and solutions (ALM).


logo cliksolar Cliksolar (also RDI Plastics), design and manufacture of state-of-the-art plastic products.


logo customCustom Software & Electronics, development of medical electronic projects and products


Resultat d'imatges de dae engineering logo DAE Engineering, integral development of technological products


logo dimo Dimo Visual Creatives, attractive digital communication


logo divertap Divertap, development of videogames and own apps or apps for customers


logo enext Enext, conception and construction of critical industrial installations


logo evolution Evolution Algorithms, logistics route optimisation software


logo tuso fiabee Fiabee, cooperation and monitoring platform using mobile devices and the cloud


logo footanalytics Foot Analytics, analysis and management of public/purchaser behaviour with mobile Wi-Fi technology


logo flux Flux ingenieros, automatic monitoring systems in industrial environments


Geomotion logoGeomotion Games, development of applications, gamed mobile solutions and Serious Games using proximity technologies


nou logo ges-emer Ges-Emer, Web application and platform for the management of emergencies


logo gps Global Planning Solutions, human resources, activity and production planning


logo grupocastilla Grupo Castilla, human resources management software


logo hpcnow HPCNow!, High Performance Computing services for the development of science and engineering


logo idcare 60px Idcare , integration of technology in libraries


logo igrid iGrid, intelligent electricity networks or smart grids


logo isardsat isardSAT, R&D and satellite tele-detection solutions


Krontime Krontime, software and services to improve efficiency in the industry


logo lyl Lyl Ingeniería, high-technology solutions for logistics, traffic and industry


logo mapgenia Mapgenia (also Kaizen for Pharma) marketing data analysis and geo-located data


Resultat d'imatges de nelio softwareNelio Software, plugin developers for Wordpress


logo netandwin Netandwin, software for the management of veterinary clinics


logo norabusiness80.jpg Nora Business, metadata in the news media.

logo normawind Normawind, renewable energy advisory services

logo pildo Pildo Labs, innovative solutions for aeronautics, tele-detection and information.


logo simbim Simbim, architecture services based on BIM technology for academic and professional environments


Imatge relacionada Smalle Technologies, generators that transform the energy contained in the waves into electricity

logo Sotavia Sotavia, technology for the detection, location and alerts of defects in urban road and pavement surfacing

logo sudSud Energies Renovables, integrated services in the field of engineering, construction and exploitation of renewable energies


logo tau Tau Ingenieros, design and manufacture of electronic products


TBS TBS, Paperless business solutions


logo tcman Tcman, design of computing solutions for the management of the maintenance of any kind of organisation (GMMS and BAM) 


logo tecnomed Tecno-Med Ingenieros, medical-health products and solutions for healthcare centres


logo transplantbiomedicals Transplant Biomedicals, innovative solutions for the preservation and transport of organs, tissues and cells


logo vortex Vortex, online wind calculations for the wind energy industry


logo zolertia Zolertia, sensory solutions for SmartCities