Rethinking - Plans for Business Reactivation

Support service in the preparation and implementation of economic recovery plans

The 'Rethinking' Business Reactivation Plans are aimed at the self-employed, retail, start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses and SSE organisations that need advice and assessment to boost their economic activity in the covid-19 context. A specialised technical team will accompany each business individually to define a business strategy that will accelerate its economic recovery.

The personalised advice and assessment includes a package of between 5 and 10 hours for each company to carry out a diagnosis of their situation and prepare a roadmap to guide their future strategy, with priority especially in three key areas of business management: sales, organisational model and financing.


Detection of new market segments and other distribution channels.

Promotion of retention of talent, remote work and adaptation of the organisational structure.

Information about the most suitable business funding instruments.

The advisory service is provided by the Barcelona Activa technical team, together with various specialised entities in the different types of business to which the strategic reactivation plans are addressed to:

Self-employed and micro-SMEs

For the self-employed and companies with fewer than 10 workers.

Collaborating entities

Network of mentors from the Barcelona Mentoring Programme, PIMEC, Fundació AutoocupacióVAE, SECOT i ASENCAT.


The consulting service for local establishments is carried out through the ‘Comerç a punt’ programme, promoted jointly with the Department of Commerce of Barcelona City Council and the districts of Barcelona.


Social and Solidarity Entities

Advice for organizations with a positive social and environmental impact and that work with participatory value.

Collaborating entities

Confederació Cooperatives de Treball, La Confederació Tercer Sector, XES, Coòpolis.


For start-ups with growth potential. Service ended. 

Collaborating entities

Impulse to grow



For companies in any sector of activity and more than 10 workers.



Service methodology

The service is based on an initial diagnosis to assess the situation of the company or entity and detect points for improvement. Then, a series of actions and proposals for improvement will be proposed, with support that may be more detailed if the needs are very specific, or a more in-depth support if it is necessary to carry out a more strategic analysis and rethinking.

Request the service

You can request the service through the Catalan or Spanish version of the website. Click on the "Demana el servei" form and then select the option "Plans de recuperació econòmica".