Prototyping and Innovation Services


Prototyping Support Service for companies and entrepreneurs

With especialized machinery and assessment, companies and entrepreneurs can have in the Technology Park the right place for their prototypes.

The Prototyping Support Service guides companies and entrepreneurs through their prototyping processes in a strategic and agile way. The prototyping advisors train and consults with the in one or more of the 4 prototyping phases: (1) Objective definition and Ideation (2) Minimum Viable Product, (3) Functional Prototype and (4) Productive Process Design

Each roadmap  is individualized and agreed with the company, taking into account the characteristics of product and company, as weel as the final objective and the prototyping experience.






Advisory Service for Innovative Processes 

Barcelona Activa offers as well personalised and expert advice to guide SMEs during strategic, innovative processes. 

With personalised sessions, the expert advisors support with methodologies and techniques in processes such as the integration of creativity in the companies, competitive analysis. IP protection, new opportunities search and selection, etc.




This service is only available to local residents.

Aquest servei està cofinançat pel Fons Europeu de Desenvolupament Regional (FEDER) de la Unió Europea, en el marc del Programa Operatiu FEDER de Catalunya 2014-2020. Operació 1: Millora del teixit econòmic empresarial de la ciutat i Actuació FEDER 1.2. Indústria 4.0, prototipatge industrial i economia verda.