WEBINAR: FROM THE LOCK-OUT TO THE NEW NORMALITY: Keys for a successful return to business



International firms in Barcelona need to take important decisions in their return to the new normality, once the Covid-19 lock-down is over. They will need to find answers to questions such as: What should I prioritize now? What happens with official deadlines for visa extensions or residence permits? Can I bring in new investors now? Can I really postpone my tax payments and for how long? How should I bring my employees back to business? Can the firm be liable on how it organizes the return to normal activity?

This session tries to bring some light and answers to these questions, offering practical and specific advice on how to navigate the many uncertainties of these difficult times.

We will count with the professional advice of Lexidy Law Boutique, who will give us some clues for this itinerary in what some experts have already defined as the journey through the "Post covid desert".

DATE AND TIME: July 9th, from 09.30h to 11h

Overview of the session: Keys for a successful return to business

  1. INTRODUCTION Barcelona Activa: resources and public initiatives in the post Covid-19 transition
  2. VISAS AND RESIDENCY: appointments for NIE/TIE, official deadlines for visas and residence permits
  3. INVESTMENT: new investment regulation and effects on entry of new investors, capital expansion or M&A
  4. TAXATION: fiscal and social security obligations under the new normality: can I really defer tax payments?
  5. LABOUR: security protocols and temporary regulations of employment (ERTEs): how to wisely be back to business
  6. LEGAL: liabilities and breach of contracts in the post-Covid era: key recommendations
  7. CHECK-LIST: priorities for the “new normality”
  8. Q&A

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DATE AND TIME: July 9th, from 09.30h to 11h

Free registration