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Please fill in this form if you wish to contact Barcelona International Welcome Desk: a municipal information point aimed at facilitating the welcome of international talent wishing to come and live in Barcelona or just established in the city.

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Procedures only available for people who are or will be residents in Barcelona municipality
Mandatory for anyone intending to live in Barcelona
It is a formality needed to complete other formalities (such as preregistration and enrolment for schools) when you need express proof of where and with whom you live
Formality needed for other formalities when you need express proof of your place of residence
A right that permits street parking at preferential rates depending on your residential area.
It enables its holder to enjoy the various services offered by public libraries in Catalonia
Mandatory procedure for owners of dogs, cats, ferrets and other wild animals kept in captivity
Municipal permits for carrying out an economic activity in the city of Barcelona
Procedures for people who are or will be officially resident in Barcelona or in any municipality of the Barcelona area
Digital document containing an individual¿s identity details that enables to carry out all kinds of formalities online
Procedure for registering with the Tax Authority and the Social Security, required for working as a freelancer in Spain
Online incorporation of limited companies through the Spanish Government¿s digital platform (PAE)
Discounts, free access, and advantages in different cultural and leisure spaces of the city, for citizens residing in Barcelona or in municipalities of the metropolitan area

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