Expert guidance on how to begin to export and internationalise your business.

In an increasingly global economy, businesses must be able to offer their services wherever customers may be found, whether it be close by or further afield. In this connection, an internationalisation strategy is one of the most necessary but also one of the most complex and risky strategies. 

That is why, at the OAE we provide this service to diagnose and advise on foreign trade and international business, which is set up for businesses that are currently internationalising, or undertaking the procedures to expand internationally, by offering expert guidance on how to begin exporting.

The service includes an analysis and a first assessment in relation to foreign trade and guidance on international business. Answer your queries about foreign trade using OAE's expert internationalisation team and obtain a diagnosis and individualised assessment of the best strategy to implement so that your business can access international markets.

We also provide businesses with a specific programme of training activities on internationalisation and access to new markets and, as appropriate, guidance and access to complementary programmes of other bodies in order to reduce the risks and uncertainty inherent to this kind of process.

Whenever necessary, your case will be passed on to other specialist bodies in the field of business internationalisation, which can also provide you with advice and information on new business opportunities abroad. In this context, as a promoter of the Enterprise Europe Network, we offer companies and professionals in the city a series of business cooperation services, such as finding international partners, as well as support for internationalisation, such as advice on taxation, procedures and free trade agreements.