Training and services for the city’s commerce

Barcelona’s commerce is consolidating itself as a strong and strategic sector, against a background dominated by the impact of tourism, and by changes in both commercial and restaurant demand and in the channels for providing services.

Barcelona Activa and the Directorate of Commerce, Restaurant Trade and Consumer Affairs Services offer a portfolio of services and online training to help improve your business in the different areas of the trade, from management and innovation to digital transformation and marketing.


The Business Advice Office (OAE) provides support to businesses through the following services:

Information and municipal procedures

Do you want to get information or carry out a specific procedure with the City Council? The Municipal Information and Procedures Team will show you the steps to take and will guide you through the whole process.

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Business funding

Do you need money to grow your business? The Finance Service will provide you with advice according to the specific needs of your business and help you to obtain funding.

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Talent management

Are you looking to hire and you can’t find the right person? The Talent Management Service will accompany you in the selection process, from the identification of vacancies to the search for talent, pre-selection and sending candidates.

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Do you want to sell abroad and don’t know how to go about it? The Internationalisation Service includes an analysis and initial advice on international business and provides a specific training programme on internationalisation and gaining access to new markets.

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Business advisory services

Do you want personalised advice that will allow you to grow your business? Ask for the Business Advice Service and an expert team will help you diagnose and define the improvement actions that your business needs.

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Transferring companies for business growth

Do you want to sell your business? The Business Growth Transfer Programme provides personalised advice to traders who wish to sell their business and assists them in the appraisal, negotiation and finalisation of the agreement with the new owner.

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