Educational programme for students in the Nou Barris district

Promoting Careers in Science and Technology is a series of activities designed to promote STEM careers among students at public and state-assisted primary and secondary schools in the Nou Barris district. Since it was launched in 2017, the programme has been carried out six times, involving over 30 schools and 1,100 students, 46% of them girls.


The goals of the programme are as follows:

  • Spark an interest in science and technology careers among students in district schools.
  • Introduce students to Barcelona Activa’s Technology Park, giving them the chance to discover professions linked to technology, especially engineering, in different fields, such as industry, IT, energy and health.
  • Identify research and production processes focused on specific solutions to environmental issues, based on real cases in the Technology Park.
  • Promote and support gender equality in the world of science and technology.


This educational programme for science and technology careers, run by Barcelona Activa’s Technology Park, offers three courses for three different age groups.

Roda de contactes

For: 1st-year upper secondary school students (primer de batxillrerat)

Duration: 15 hours (8 of which are devoted to practical experience in companies)

This course seeks to engage first-year upper secondary school students, young people who have chosen to continue their studies with the goal of reaching a higher level in their education even though, in many cases, they aren’t yet sure what they want to study. The activity includes information sessions and participation in work teams. The goal is for students to discover or steer their studies and interests towards specific professional fields.

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Crear per millorar

For: 3rd-year and 4th-year compulsory secondary school students (tercer i quart d’ESO)

Duration: 12 hours

For 3rd- and 4th-year compulsory secondary school students who want to deepen their knowledge and awareness of their surroundings and are interested in working on a social issue that directly affects them. The activity consists of learning about some of the facilities in the Nou Barris district that contribute to improving the environment, as well as identifying the different Technology Park companies and seeing how each of them, in their respective fields, contribute to improving the environment. Finally, students will create a project that improves the environment through technology.

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Docufòrum de tecnologia i innovació en igualtat

For: Upper primary school students and 1st-year and 2nd-year compulsory secondary school students (primer i segon d’ESO)

Duration: 11 hours 

This course opens doors to science and technology for students who have just started to take an interest in the field. It emphasises the role of women in science as necessary and key to discoveries both recent and historical, debunking myths and shattering stereotypes prevalent in today’s society. Students visit the Technology Park to learn about its main areas and the work that takes place there, and watch and discuss a selection of documentaries.

They then create a short film explaining how a woman’s scientific or technological contribution has helped make the world a better place.

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