The digital sector in the city has more than 64,000 jobs and more than 2,500 companies with salaried employees in the ICT sector. It is estimated that in 2018 the information and communications sector, which encompasses ICTs, generated 8.7% of the Gross Added Value in Barcelona. In recent years, employment in the ICT sector has grown much faster than Barcelona’s economy as a whole, with cumulative increases of 63% and 14%, respectively, for the period 2011-19. The digital economy creates quality jobs, with permanent contracts accounting for more than 50% of the total and salaries that are 25% higher than the average for the city.
The digital technologies sector has had a slightly positive evolution compared to the other strategic sectors of the city during the Covid crisis, and it is the only sector that has not suffered a fall in employment. Barcelona’s ecosystem positions the city as an attractive hub for talent and one that is especially attractive to digital experts. With a high visibility of startups in Barcelona, it continues to be considered an important hub for European startups, but it is also considered overrated and undervalued compared to cities like London. A communication focused on improving the trend in the valuation of the city and turning it into a global technological centre is a strategic operation for the future. Furthermore, the digital reskilling of workers in different economic sectors will be necessary to develop the nature of the jobs and skills needed to access most jobs.