Barcelona is a city with a long industrial tradition and a good business structure to diversify economic activity, generate innovation and added value, and create employment.

The city has an important presence of services associated to the industry. There are large nuclei that generate this type of activity as the logistics, the manipulation of product, the packaging or the technology associated with industrial products. The ZAL (Logistic Activities Area), the Port of Barcelona or the different facilities and spaces where technology-based companies are located are centers where business activities associated with the industry are located.

Industry 4.0 was born in response to the growth of the digitalization of the economy and society, and is based on the use of technological advances and the development of communication systems to maintain the real-time information of each of the manufacturing processes of companies.

Often conceptualized as the "fourth industrial revolution", the Industry 4.0 movement is the transformation that the current industry (small and big companies) must make to respond to the new needs of society using the latest technological advances.