Tourism is one of the most important activities in Barcelona and represents a priority for the municipal government, both for the contribution it represents to the city's economy and for the various effects it generates on urban dynamics.

Barcelona has become a tourist city in recent decades. Nearly 30 million estimated annual visitors in a city of just over 1.6 million inhabitants gives an idea of the great capacity of attraction of the City, while showing also the dimension of the impact that the economy of the visitor has, representing around 14% of GDP and employing approximately more than 150,000 people.

The sustained growth of this activity, with the parenthesis caused by the Covid 19 crisis, also motivates a citizen debate about its sustainability. To respond to it, the City Council has promoted the City and Tourism Council, a consultative and participatory body in the field of tourism, and has drawn up successive strategic plans and programs to manage the fit of tourist activity, maximize its return and favor a promotion aimed at serving the interests of the city.