Company incorporation

Support at every stage and for every process required to incorporate a business entity and register corporate activities.

Setting up a company can become a slow and complex process replete with convoluted administrative concepts. At the OAE we are here to make this first step as simple as possible so that you only have to worry about making your business successful.


The Company Incorporation Service will provide you with information, advisory services and electronic processing to incorporate a business entity (private limited company) and we will assist you in registering as self-employed (independent entrepreneur).

More than 3.400 companies incorporated since 2008


To access the Company Incorporation service it is first necessary to complete one of following training activities, depending on the kind of company you want to incorporate. The duration of the activities is two hours. Register for the next session by clicking on these links.

This service is only available to local residents. Non-resident entrepreneurs and companies can make a request through the Barcelona Landing Service.


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