Expert advisory service to obtain the financing your business needs. 

Obtaining the financing required to make a success of a business initiative is one of the main headaches suffered by all entrepreneurs. It is not always easy to obtain funds and often difficult to get hold of comprehensive information on the grants, subsidies and public resources that are available. 

That is why at the OAE we provide a support service to search for financing, which is composed of an expert team that works in conjunction with your business on the diagnosis and definition of the best route to follow in order to obtain the financing it requires. By working together we can better understand your business' needs and offer you the best possible solution. 

Our team of professionals provides advisory services in accordance with the specific needs of each business and support for process of requesting and obtaining funds. 

The service enables access to existing public and private banking and alternative financial products, in accordance with the specific needs of your business and with Barcelona Activa seal of guarantee. 

Access the following types of financial products

This service is only available to local residents.

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