Services and resources to help you cover your staff requirements.
Businesses are living entities that evolve as they consolidate, and require more human resources over time. At the OAE we know that selecting employees suited to your business is no easy task. That is why we provide this support service to cover the staff needs of businesses.
This service assists you during the entire process, from the identification of vacancies to the recruitment of staff (search for candidates in the Barcelona Activa database and other recruitment sources), and the shortlisting and submission of candidates. 
These staff needs can be covered by direct hiring, internships or dual professional training (“FP Dual”) agreements.
There are also other resources and assistance available for hiring the professionals you may need:
  • "Barcelona se compromete” grants: grants for SMEs to promote the hiring of persons domiciled in Barcelona: the long-term unemployed over the age of 40, young people registered in the “Garantia Juvenil” register and unemployed people with specific difficulties in finding work.
  • "Pon Talento": a service aimed at the inclusion of university, business school and other training centre students, on internships. It also allows the business to benefit from the talent of students with international experience on MBA, postgraduate, master and other specific courses at different universities and specialist schools.
  • FP Dual: participate in a cooperative model between your business and a professional training institute to hire professional training course students as workers, with a prior agreement on their learning process.
  • Programmes that promote hiring developed in cooperation with the Catalonian Employment Service (“SOC”).
 >>More than 1,000 vacancies filled in 2016 and more than 1,500 grants awarded to SMEs in the region for the hiring of the long-term unemployed, young people and people with specific difficulties in finding work>>
This service is only available to local residents.Non-resident companies looking to set up in Barcelona and hire local talent can make a request through the Barcelona Landing Service.

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