Business transfer

Personalised advisory services whether you are a businessperson wishing to dispose of your business or a businessperson interested in ensuring an existing business continues as a going concern.

Being a businessperson means being passionate about making a success of a new business or of taking on an existing business which, although it is still solvent, may be about to be transferred.

That is why, at the OAE we provide you with access to a transparent business transfer market in which people who wish to dispose of their businesses can meet entrepreneurs looking for a business to manage. We also provide a service to assist you in the business and SME transfer process for people wishing to dispose of their businesses and for potential entrepreneurs looking to ensure they continue as going concerns.

Therefore, personalised advisory services and information on performing the transfer process will be at your disposal (for sellers and potential purchasers), as will access to a transparent market of businesspeople disposing of their businesses and entrepreneurs looking for a business to manage.

This service is only available to local residents.


CIRCE, Centro de Información y Red de Creación de Empresas
Ministerio de Industria, Comercio y Turismo