Support to diagnose and define improvement actions in different areas of business management 

Faced with the recession of COVID-19, , we expand the Advisory Service in social and solidarity economy with a specific advisory service to resolve doubts and needs of initiatives in the care sector, either related to the impact of the activity by the COVID -19 or to build future scenarios.

We activate the Rethinking Business Reactivation Plans, aimed at small businesses, self-employed people, businesses and SSE organizations that need advice to boost economic activity in the post-COVID-19 context. A specialized technical team will accompany each business individually to define a business strategy that helps accelerate its economic recovery. 



We provide support in the consolidation and growth of small enterprises, self-employed people and commerce and organizations of Social and Solidarity Economy, considering their specific needs.


This service gives access to the following active resources of specialized and personalized advice:

Rethiking  - Business reactivation plans

Through this service we help small businesses, retail, self-employed people and social and solidarity economy entities in the city to develop recovery plans that allow them to refocus and re-promote their activity after the new circumstances generated by COVID-19. The service is provided by a team of experts, both from Barcelona Activa and from different collaborating entities.

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Advice on management and business strategy

This service offers companies and self-employed people guidance and support in improving their activity, either in specific aspects of business management (commercial, economic, financial, human resource, logistical issues, etc.), or because they are interested in more general processes of strategic reflection.

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Digital Plans for micro-enterprises and self-employed people

This service improves the degree of digitalization of companies in terms of online presence, online marketing and sales, and management processes.

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Advice on the Social and Solidarity Economy

This service provides information and support to start up a project within the framework of the Social and Solidarity Economy, or to improve an existing one. It includes training, financial aid and advice on legal issues, funding, communication, or management and organization of teams, among others.

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Advice for equality and time management

This service includes personalized advice and training activities to help companies and organizations adopt measures to prevent any type of discrimination at work between men and women and to improve time management.

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This service is only available to local residents.