Personalised and expert support to diagnose and define improvement actions for small businesses, the self-employed and social and solidarity-based economy entities and businesses.

We assist in the consolidation and strengthening of small businesses, the self-employed and enterprises, as well as social and solidarity-based economy organisations, by focussing on their specific needs.

This specialist and personalised advisory service provides advice on, among other things: strategic planning, business models, viability and sustainability, sales strategies, communication and ICT tools, organisational and participation models, financial planning, economic management and company models.

The service includes specialised services for social and solidarity-based economy entities, with advice services and training offerings adapted to their characteristics.

We understand the social and solidarity-based economy to include any transformative economic practices that are characterised by a different approach to the economy, which prioritises meeting the needs of people. These initiatives also include the gender perspective and are highly committed to the community and caring for their environmental impact, and to a democratic and participatory approach to management.

This service is only available to local residents.




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