Social and Solidarity Economy

We promote and strenghten organizations in the area of Social and Solidarity Economy.

From the area of ​​Socioeconomic Innovation of Barcelona Activa, we encourage and strengthen entrepreneurial initiatives, entities and companies in the area of ​​the Social Economy and Solidarity of the city (cooperativism, third sector, associations, collaborative economies of the procomú , community economies ...). That's why we offer specialized accompaniment and training to our central facilities as well as to various neighborhoods in the city. We also promote other actions to promote the Social and Solidarity Economy in the city. If you want more information about our activity line click here.

For this reasoon we've developed a series of resources to strenghten and consolidate the organizations in the field of Social and Solidarity Economy.


Workshops and capsules from 3 to 16 hours to improve communication, management, organizational culture and approach the ESS for organizations of the Social Economy and Solidarity.

Check the training program for the next three months in the section on this page "Related training". You'll find there the training in Social and Solidarity Economy and after, Equality formations. Take a look also to the formative capsules directed tu entrepreneurship.

InnoBA, Barcelona Activa's new Socio-economic Innovation Centre

innoBA is the facility of Barcelona Activa that offers activities, specialised services and incubation and experimentation spaces based around the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) and Socio-Economic Innovation. A facility that is aimed both at people and organisations who want to make a first contact with the Social and Solidarity Economy, as well as those who have already started up a project.