Program for organizations and projects within the textile sector that operate throughout the entire value chain with Social and Solidarity Economy values.

Since 2018, the RevESStim el Tèxtil program (Coating the Textile), strategically framed in the SSE Impuls Plan 2021-2023 (cat), aims to promote and strengthen the sustainable textile sector in the city of Barcelona through the social and business strengthening of the projects and organizations operating in it. The strengthening comprises three branches:


This 2022, after three editions and answering to the good reception and demand from users, modular training has been transformed into a full training program for the sustainable textile entrepreneurship. All the information.


Tenint en compte les necessitats del sector, l’any 2020 es va iniciar també una línia de treball específica per a centres formatius de tèxtil i moda amb formació dirigida a formadors i pel foment de l'emprenedoria social i col·lectiva amb  l’alumnat, aplicant la innovació i la sostenibilitat. 

Taking into account the necessities of the sector, in 2020, a specific line of work for textile and fashion training centres was launched. It includes training sessions designed for the teachers, to boost the promotion of social and collective entrepreneurship among their students,from an innovation and sustainability point of view.


What do we mean by sustainable textile?

Sustainable textiles are defined on two important foundations: on the one hand, sustainability, and on the other, the governance model.

When defining a sustainable business initiative in the textile environment, we do so from three pillars: economic sustainability, linked to the economic viability of the social-entrepreneurship, to how we generate this economy of our own and to how we influence our economic and social environment; social sustainability, making sure social causes and working conditions of employees is supported, and creating well-being for our staff and those who we work with; and environmental sustainability, related to the use of ecological or recycled materials, focusing on waste management and the reduction of our own and other industries, improvements in energy consumption, and the production and consumption of proximity. And these three pillars are carried out by organizations that work to be more collaborative and horizontal.


What resources are available to you within the Program? 

Coneix algunes de les activitats passades del RevESStim (2019-2021)

Al llarg dels últims anys, s’han realitzat diverses activitats i formacions per donar suport a organitzacions de tota la cadena de valor de l’àmbit del tèxtil sostenible ASG. Feu una ullada al recull d’experiències, testimonis, activitats a remarcar, i reflexions sobre el sector en aquest enllaç

Per estar al dia de les  actualitzacions subscriviu-vos al butlletí de l'Economia Social i Solidària de l’Ajuntament de Barcelona i Barcelona  Activa.